HCU-Client software v1.0.0.0221

Network unlock, IMEI, MEID, SN, BT, WIFI, vendor, country repair, model, read bootloader code, FRP, Huawei ID unlock and etc added for:

Huawei Honor V10

Huawei Nova 2s Premium Edition

7 thoughts on “HCU-Client software v1.0.0.0221

  1. help team is not what is causing software error

    Qualcomm and HiSilicon: *#*#2846579#*#*
    MTK: *#*#14789632#*#*
    Windows: ##2846579#

    1.Background setting
    2.USB ports setting
    Select Manufacture mode

    2017.12.23 14:36:15.201 Checking account blackphone_06…
    2017-12-23 14:36:15.223 Connecting to server…
    2017-12-23 14:36:17.120 Connect fail!
    2017-12-23 14:36:17.137 Connecting to server…
    2017-12-23 14:36:18.305 Connect fail!
    2017-12-23 14:36:18.341 Connecting to server…
    2017-12-23 14:36:20.357 Connect fail!
    2017-12-23 14:36:20.381 Testing servers…
    2017-12-23 14:36:24.186 Waiting end tests…

    Server access denied (prohibited process detected)

  2. I just buy activation 1 year from gsm server and they send me username and password if I login on the software and click check user account on my pc is saying wrong username or password help me please its been 3 days now

  3. hi there is no update of new models like mrd and new models please give a support of new model also if you want to compete with market otherwise there will be no mark of hcu in next year

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