21 thoughts on “HCU-Client software v1.0.0.0375

  1. hello
    i tried huawei ID remove for CLT-AL00 it gets done but no change on the device and still not removed.

  2. 2021-03-18 02:37:37.731 Autodetect COM port and phone type start!
    2021-03-18 02:37:38.500 Found COM port: COM38
    2021-03-18 02:37:38.506 Found phone type: Huawei Android phone (HiSilicon CPU)
    2021-03-18 02:37:38.683 Open COM port COM38 (Android Adapter PCUI (COM38))…
    2021-03-18 02:37:39.013 Connecting to server…
    2021-03-18 02:37:42.632 Connected!
    2021-03-18 02:37:50.236 ERROR!
    Not supported/unknown chipset!

    cpu kirin710
    y9 2019 prime

  3. Hello, I have a really problem with my HCU, it does not want to work when i can read any smartphone and also when i do frp. Please, help me.

    1. What do you mean does not want work? Can you be more specific about the problem/error? Logs from software could help.

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