8 thoughts on “HCU-Client software v1.0.0.0372

  1. after these update’s an issue came on LDN-L21 frp remove!
    it ends right but device won’t restart and it will not remove

    Erase FRP
    2021-02-01 11:48:49.675 Erase FRP start
    2021-02-01 11:48:49.764 Reading phone info…
    2021-02-01 11:48:49.979 Read phone info success!
    Model: LDN-L21
    MEID: A000008C345F05
    pESN: 00000000
    Firmware ver.: System
    SN: 3SLBB18414204461
    Vendor: hw
    Country: meafnaf

    2021-02-01 11:48:50.019 Phone info data backup saved to file C:\HCU_362\Backup\20210201_114850_3SLBB18414204461.BAK

    2021-02-01 11:48:50.022 Connecting to server…
    2021-02-01 11:48:50.339 Connected!
    2021-02-01 11:48:50.748 Reading Certify data…
    2021-02-01 11:48:50.797 Reading Certify data success!
    2021-02-01 11:48:50.802 Signing Certify data…
    2021-02-01 11:48:54.009 Erase FRP done!

    Memo log saved to C:\HCU_362\Logs\20210201_114854_HCU_EraseFrp_ A000008C345F05.txt

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