2 thoughts on “HCU-Client software v1.0.0.0382

  1. y5II lua-u22
    Erase FRP
    2022-07-20 20:03:09.540 Erase FRP start
    2022-07-20 20:03:09.643 Reading phone info…
    2022-07-20 20:03:09.920 Read phone info success!
    SN: G8M9XA1772801907

    2022-07-20 20:03:09.943 Phone info data backup saved to file E:\mobile repair\5BOXes\HCU_378\Backup\20220720_200309_G8M9XA1772801907.BAK

    2022-07-20 20:03:09.946 Connecting to server…
    2022-07-20 20:03:10.540 Connected!
    2022-07-20 20:03:11.639 Reading Certify data…
    2022-07-20 20:03:12.869 Erase FRP fail!

    Fastboot command fail!

    Memo log saved to E:\mobile repair\5BOXes\HCU_378\Logs\20220720_200312_HCU_EraseFrp_G8M9XA1772801907.txt

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