Universal Huawei repair client

Repair almost all  Hisilicon and Qualcomm CPU Huawei Android phones!
Repair IMEI just in few seconds, no root, just direct in manufacture mode.
Repair all physical numbers.
Write numbers to emphty board, after replaced EMMC or full erase.
Read bootloader code.
Read Unlock codes.
Can be customized follow your company or webpage.
Can be customized to work with your product dongle.

29 thoughts on “Universal Huawei repair client

  1. I have one problem , how i can connect phone becouse , i cant ..

    I have Huawei G610-u20 , remain blocked with logo Huawei

  2. user name:likes119
    I just installed another version of the system on the same computer!
    2017.03.02 17:51:01.733 Checking account likes119…
    2017-03-02 17:51:01.740 Connecting to server…
    2017-03-02 17:51:03.108 Connected!

    Software locked to other PC!

    Please help me solve the problem as soon as possible, urgently!

  3. tnkx… Iinstal it but not log in i registred en page forumm bt en program say wrong user………………

  4. help team
    I have not been able to use the software since 2 days

    2017.04.07 10:30:38.205 Checking account blackphone_06…
    2017-04-07 10:30:38.220 Connecting to server…
    2017-04-07 10:30:39.517 Connected!

    Software locked to other PC!

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